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“We are located in the Health Technology Park (PTS), in the historic and university city of Granada. Granada is located in a priviledged position because it is 20 minutes from the Snowy Mountains of Sierra Nevada and 30 minutes away from the Costa Tropical beaches”

BIC Granada was the first Project to start in the PTS and as such, it is the first space in the PTS specialized in Biotechnology and Live Sciences.

In accordance with the general objectives of the PTS, BIC Granada is a convenient and good place to work where your company will take advantage of a coordinated effort oriented to foster the Science, Innovation and Business System.

Along the past years the BIC's environment has become a real Innovation ecosystem where the center is the cluster of innovative companies already established in the PTS or associated to it.

BIC Granada is part of the “Andalucía Bioregión”, the Andalusian biotechnology cluster. This organization is designed to join research, knowledge and institutional agents together with companies whose activity is related to the Life Sciences and Health and, in this way, help in the transformation of the Andalusian economy to a knowledge & technology-based economy.

Today, BIC Granada and the Andalucía Bioregión cluster are a successful reality that make Andalusia  a strategic place to obtain new knowledge and apply it. In fact, BIC Granada facilities host the offices of Andalucía Bioregión, The Association of Companies of PTS, and The Andalusian Biotechnology Companies BIOANDALUCIA.  This environment is without doubt an environment of excellence in biomedical research, health care, university and biotech private sector activities. Just to mention some of the first level organizations:


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BIC Granada
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Parque Tecnológico de la Salud
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