A lot of people are unaware but Pergo is a brand that offers health-oriented laminate that is not just easy and simple to manufacture but on top of that, it is also really good when it comes to the overall installation as it is simple, durable, and is longer lasting, too.

The Pergo flooring is not difficult to install and can be done by yourself if you have the right tools and understanding about what you are getting into. Sure, it might take some time if you are just starting out but in most of the situations, you are looking at a really easy way and something that always works. So, you are never really going to be left behind and well, that is what we would suggest everyone.

For now, let’s just look at how you can install this flooring type.

  • Getting the floor ready.
  • Installing the vapor barrier.
  • Picking a corner to start laying the Pergo.
  • Continuing in a row.
  • Installing the base board.

Whether you are doing it on wood or concrete, the method remains the same. You do have to go ahead and clean the floor in both situations and be sure that it is not just free of debris but it is also free of any dust and more importantly, it is dry.

Pergo flooring is excellent and the best part is that it is something that is going to last you a good amount of time, too. So, you really do not have any issues whenever you are thinking about installing it. If you still need some help, we are here to assist you at floormod.com and you will not run into any complications, either. That is what you should always keep in mind whenever it comes to any sort of flooring.