There are two aspects to starting and maintaining a website that all interested parties should focus the lion’s share of their attention span towards. The first step would be to actually design the website, and you can do so in an instant thanks to WordPress and other similar types of service providers. You might assume that once you have designed the website your work is done, but in spite of the fact that this is the case it is important to note that you now need to figure out where you are going to host this website so that it can be put up for the world to see at the end of the day.

GoDaddy is a highly popular hosting resource that plenty of people use on a day to day basis, and in order to set your site up on this platform you must first install WordPress. That will enable you to use WordPress optimization to boost your site’s visibility and have lots of people coming to it and helping you generate revenue. We are now going to explain how you can complete this task.

All you really need to do is to go to your GoDaddy account, go to Web Hosting, and check out the Dashboard. There will be a button on the dashboard called “Install Application”, and when you click on this you will be shown a list of applications that you can incorporate. Simply select WordPress from this list and you can get to work building the website of your dreams! You can put anything you like on this website from your artwork to your recipes or you can use it to run a business.