The government is well aware of the fact that most people hate paying their taxes, and they have therefore tried to partner with some software companies to develop a system that can automate the process at the very least to a certain extent. TurboTax is one of the options that people use to figure out what their tax amount is supposed to look like, and suffice it to say that it gives many the impression that having to hire a CPA is a bit too old fashioned now that technology has supposedly rendered them obsolete.

However, it is our duty to tell you that TurboTax is not exactly accurate. You may be able to get a rough estimate, but it fails to tell you if your taxes are too high or if there are any loopholes that you may be eligible for. We would say that it is better to hire accountants in St Charles, IL, especially if they are CPAs, and the reason behind this is that they can give you a much better experience in ways that you would struggle to even fathom.

The main thing that makes CPAs so much better than TurboTax is that they don’t work like robots. They know that each person has different needs, and they will strive to meet these needs regardless of what they are. You might be hesitant to hire a CPA given that their service charges tend to touch the stratosphere if not the vacuum of space itself, but bear in mind that they can help you obtain thousands in savings so they more or less pay for themselves if you were to hire them.