The laws surrounding NIL deals have changed, and you need to remain cognizant of them if you are a proud member of the legal fraternity. After all, it is pretty common for lawyers to get assigned cases that they might not have experience with, and you don’t want to be caught looking like a fool if you don’t know the first thing about the new NIL laws that are going around. To put it plainly, there is one major fundamental change that has occurred with this law, and paying attention to it will allow you to take your own life to the next level.

The key aspect of the new NIL law that you as a Rhode Island athlete lawyer need to contend with is that college athletes have now been included for the very first time. What this basically means is that any athlete that is playing sports for their alma mater will now be entitled to NIL earnings. The thing is, they won’t be able to sign a contract without going through a lawyer first, so if you become a legal expert you could easily find yourself earning tons of cash from each and every deal that you help finish off.

Positioning is critical here. You need to go to a location that has plenty of colleges and start informing athletes about their new rights. It is quite surprising just how many college based athletes aren’t even aware of the new laws and what types of financial gains they can now make thanks to them, and it would be quite useful to you if you find yourself in their midst. The time is right to strike while the iron is still hot so you shouldn’t waste any time!