Gone are the days when haunted houses used to indoor shows where they would have scary clowns and characters trying to spook you and attack you so that you get frightened, now it is all about a different experience and existential haunted houses are an example of how far the industry has become, if you would have told someone twenty five years ago that this would happen and everyone would prefer it over the most conventional way of doing haunted houses then they might have laughed at you but this is a reality right now.

Existential haunted houses are very different from the traditional haunted houses as these provide a more immersive and solitary experience which takes one in to the dark and puts one into survival mode, for some it is too scary and they won’t attempt it but many experts belief that it should not be classed as a visit to a haunted house but it is more of a mentally and physically draining experience than a visit to a traditional haunted house and if you have tried many haunted houses and not even the best ones are able to spook you anymore then it is now time that you give existential haunted house a try, among the most extreme haunted houses in Ohio is the carnival of horrors and it brought me a completely different experience to what I was previously visiting and it was surely an upgrade on wat I have been previously visiting. A visit to an existential haunted house has completely changed my perception and I know that those who are into all this would also love the experience because it is a huge challenge and sometimes it gets the better of us as well so you should go prepared.